Trends for 2024

Title: Elevate Your Space with Picket-Shaped Wall Tiles: 2024 Trends


Modern Elegance & Creative Versatility:      Explore picket-shaped wall tiles in 2024,   offering sophistication with creative freedom.   From sleek ceramics to textured natural   stone, discover various sizes and colors for   a personalized touch.


Versatile Style for Every Design Aesthetic: 

                                                                                                                  Picket tiles redefine versatility,   seamlessly adapting to minimalist or   industrial design styles. Whether arranged   traditionally or in unique configurations, these tiles make a bold statement in contemporary spaces.

picket shaped tile blue deco pattern on wall

                                                                    Mix and Match Trends for Visual Impact:

Join the trend of mixing and matching tiles for visual contrast. Pair picket tiles with larger formats or contrasting hues to elevate your space and create a captivating focal point. 

Sustainable Elegance with Eco Friendly Materials:

Beyond aesthetics, picket-shaped tiles prioritize sustainability. Crafted from eco-friendly materials like recycled glass or porcelain, they offer durability, making a conscious and lasting choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

Elevate your interior design in 2024 with picket-shaped wall tiles – a perfect blend of modern elegance, creative versatility, and sustainable style.

Stagecraft 3x12 Picket Deco

Stagecraft 3x12 Picket Deco
Stagecraft 3x12 Picket Deco
Stagecraft 3x12 Picket Deco

Stagecraft 3x12 Picket Deco

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Stagecraft™ rewrites design with a theatrical cast of colors, shapes and finishes. This collection stars 3 x 12 wall tile in a rectangular and a picket shape along with a 6-inch kaleidoscope mosaic.




●  Manufacturer Advisory: All tile is measured by the DCOF AcuTestTM method. Tiles with DCOF values <lt/>0.42 are not recommended for use in areas with wet or slippery conditions. For more information, see ANSI standard A137.1 section, available at


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